2005-01-21 SPAIN

The General Council listens to the youth of Europe

As part of the activities during the Marist Vocation Year, the General Council has programmed a meeting with a group of young Europeans, which will take place at Siguenza (Province of Ibérica) from the 20th to the 23rd January 2005.
A Commission consisting of Brothers Ernesto Sánchez, José Larrea, Marco Cianca, Valeriá Simon and Théoneste Kalisa has been responsible for organising these days of listening and of dialogue, in which all the members of the General Council will participate.
By speaking directly with the young people during this meeting, the Superior General and his Council wish to try to understand what it means for them to follow Jesus and to be Christians in today?s society. They also hope to hear from the young people themselves about the difficulties and challenges they have to face in life in Europe.

The forty-five young people who have been invited to this meeting know Marist life and participate directly or indirectly in various apostolic activities organised by the brothers. This element constitutes also an excellent opportunity for listening to impressions, eliciting reactions and accepting suggestions concerning our way of living the consecrated life in Europe.
A sharing and comparison of ideas from many voices where the capacity of the wise ?to bring out from their store room new things as well as old? (Mt 13: 52), will be complemented by the spontaneity of those, though being young feel themselves ?sent by the Lord to announce whatever he commands of them? (Jr 1:7).


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