2022-11-12 SPAIN

The provinces of Mediterránea and L’Hermitage participate in the international summit of Keeping Children Safe

The Mediterranean and L’Hermitage European Marist Provinces have participated in the Keeping Children Safe international summit that took place online from November 8 to 10. The summit, entitled “Faith and Organizational Child Protection“, aimed to bring professionals and researchers from around the world together to exchange ideas, experiences, challenges, and good practices on child protection in religious organizations or those inspired in faith.

On behalf of the Marists were Fernando Domínguez and Raimon Novell. Fernando Domínguez, Delegate for the Protection of Children of the Marist Mediterranean Province, spoke about the “Empowerment of Children, protection and creation of safe environments in religious socio-educational works”.

Raimon Novell, Coordinator of the Child Protection Team of the Champagnat Foundation and Marist Province of L’Hermitage, spoke at the conference on “Children’s Rights and safeguarding within the framework of a religious organization”; the moderation of the panel “Transformations in organizations for a cultural change regarding safeguarding” and the “case of the H3 program in Spain and Portugal”.

In the panel on “Program H3: Transforming heads, hands and hearts”, moderated by Irene Salgado (Porticus) and Raimon Novell (Marist), were known the answers of Catholic organizations for the development of a culture of protection and good treatment in Catholic organizations that work with children in Spain and Portugal.


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