2016-10-31 AUSTRALIA

What is Marist Solidarity

Seventeen participants from thirteen countries of the Marist regions of Asia and the Oceania met in Brisbane, Australia, from October 17 to October 21. The participants represent the Marist NGOs of the two regions.

The meeting was facilitated by FMSI, which was present with the two director, Brothers Mario Meuti and Manel Mendoza.

After reflection on a draft document “What is Marist Solidarity” and updates on advocacy for child rights, each country gave a presentation on their solidarity projects. In addition, the Australian Marist Solidarity Brisbane team provided three days of capacity building for participants in communications and project cycle management.

At the conclusion of the meeting, a plan was drawn up to participate in a global network for the ministry of Marist solidarity.

The Marist regions of Asia and the Oceania will also develop a network to support the solidarity works and actions especially through the structures of Marist NGO’s and other solidarity entities.

Vastly different perspectives emerged. These ranged from renewing our Marist traditional works, such as schools, to adopting a culture of solidarity through to our new Asian presences in non-Christian countries. It is in these countries that we are committed to whispering the gospel to the soul of Asia.

The conference was marked by a lively exchange of experiences and launching of new links.

The meeting was supported by the Irish funder, Misean Cara.


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