2005-11-19 GENERAL HOUSE

World day for the rights of the child

Sixteen years ago, on a day like today, the Convention relative to the Rights of the Child was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations. After its vigorous entry on the 2nd September 1990, it became an international instrument of Human Rights with the greatest number of ratifications by the State members of the United Nations. With its approbation, a world movement in favour of children and adolescents started. In 1990, wanting to follow on from this Convention, a world Summit was called for children, where the governments of the entire world made important commitments to give more occasions and better conditions of life for all the children and adolescents of all parts of the planet.

Message of the Forum of children, transmitted at the extraordinary Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations consecrated to children by two delegates, Gabriela Azurduy Arrieta, (Bolivia), 13 years, et Audrey Cheynut, (Monaco), 17 years, the 8th May 2002:

?We are the children of the world.
We are the victims of poor treatment and exploitation.
We are children of the street. We are children of war.
We are the victims and orphans of HIV/AIDS.
We are deprived of a quality education and health care.
We are victims of political, economic and cultural discrimination.
We are the children whose voices are ignored: it is time that people listen to us.
We want a world fit for children, for a world fit for us is a world fit for all.?


Full of grace and hope...


An occasion to restart and to start...