2007-11-29 COLOMBIA

Year of Marist Spirituality

We were happy to receive the news that the year 2008 would be dedicated to the Marist spirituality, as we consider it as a kairos, a time of special grace to come to a deeper knowledge and appreciation of our founding spiritual roots.

We had the privilege of being accompanied by the Brother Provincial, Laurentino and Bro. CĂ©sar, delegate, who were visiting us in those days and could preside over our initial ceremony on the 7th of October. The chapel was wonderfully decorated with the slogan of the Year Water from the rock, spring of life and a beautiful little fountain which invited us to contemplation with its ripple.

In this initial ceremony we were officially given the book of spirituality at the hands of the Brother Provincial. In common we read the introduction written by our Superior General and then we had a first look into each of the parts of the document. We ?dreamt new dreams? through chapter V, page to page. Later on we will continue deepening the document contents.

Then we joined the prayer relay which linked the Marist world from Fiji to Mexico that day, calling the names of each one of the 78 countries in which we are present and praying Hail Marys at the same time.

So far, we have committed ourselves to animate our community prayer through texts of the document once a week.

Br. NĂ©stor Quiceno


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