2019-08-07 NEW ZEALAND

Bernard Vincent Blewman

Family Name: Bernard Vincent Blewman
Born on 21st April 1927 at Wellington, New Zealand
His Father Thomas James Blewman
His Mother Ellen (nee Carberry)
Received into the Congregation: 12th September 1945
Professed First Vows: 12th September 1946
Professed Perpetual Vows: 1st January 1952
Professed Stability: 1st January 1963
Died on 9th February 2015 at Auckland, New Zealand
Buried at Waikaraka, Auckland, NZ

His Appointments:

1946, Sep, Scholastic
1947, Napier
1949, Greymouth
1951, Vermont Street
1955, Lower Hutt
1960, St Paul's College (Minor Juniors)
1962, Marcellin College  (Dir, Prin)
1968, Sep, Sacred Heart College
1969, St John's College  (Dir, Prin)
1970, Scholasticate, Korma Road  (Dir)
1976, Hato Petera College  (Dir, Prin)
1982, Scholasticate, Onslow Ave   (Dir)
1984, Sacred Heart College   (Dir)
1986, Onslow Ave   (Provincial)
1992, Sabbatical   (Crossroads)
1993, Ha'apai, Tonga   (Sector Sup)
1994, Bikenibeu, Kiribati  (Dir, Sector Sup)
2001, St Louis, Kiribati   (Dir, Sector Sup)
2006, Apr, Onslow Ave
2007, Feb, St Louis
2007, Jul, Onslow Ave
2007, Oct, St Louis
2008, Jan, Northcote
2008, Apr, St Louis
2010, Jan, Bikenibeu
2010, Aug, St Louis
2011, St Paul's Community

Brother Bernard’s funeral will be held on Tuesday 17th February 2015, at 11.00 am, at the St Paul’s College Chapel, Auckland. His Vigil Service will be at the same venue on Monday evening, 16th February, at 7.00 pm.


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