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Brian William Quail


Our Brother Wilfrid had not been well for an extended period of time, spending almost three months in Concord hospital.  He was being treated for depression, anxiety and a much damaged heart.  During this time he had several heart attacks and that made life very difficult for him.  In his final days he was able to be transferred to the Brothers’ Community at Campbelltown where the 24 hour care that he needed was available.  He lived for a further three days but never really communicated with anyone over that period.  He died around 8am on Saturday November 17.  His death was a blessing, especially for Wilfrid.

At the time of his death, Wilfrid was 85 years of age and in the 64th year of his religious life.

Family Details:

Date of Birth:  June 26, 1927.
Place of Birth:Sydney.   Australia.


Schooling and Initial Formation:

* School Attended: Kogarah Marist High.
* Postulancy: January 2, 1949 – July 1, 1949.
* Novitiate: July 2, 1949 – July 1, 1950.


* First Vows: July 2, 1950: At Mittagong to Br Andrew Power.
* Perpetual Vows:    January 8, 1956 at St Joseph’s College to Br Joannes Eugene AG.

Ongoing Education and Formation:

Immediately after his profession, Wilfrid was posted to Ashgrove where he looked after the boarders and taught in the primary school.  That was to begin a long association with our boarding schools.  Over 40 years with 30 of those being at St Joseph’s College in Hunters Hill.  His constant involvement in the classroom meant he was not able to complete any formal qualifications.  He did attend the Second Novitiate in Fribourg in 1969.


Community and Ministry Appointments:

Wilfrid was dedicated classroom teacher but probably his greatest impact on students was in the area of sports coaching.  Rugby and Cricket was where he excelled.  At various times he was appointed to the roles of Superior, Principal and Deputy Principal.  And for a brief period in 1973/74 he was appointed Acting Novice Master at the Novitiate in Lomeri.  Whatever the ministry setting, Wilfrid gave it his best.  



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