2019-08-07 AUSTRALIA

Richard Bennett


For the last eight years Richard had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease.  In June he had an accident which resulted in the need for total care from the nurses and carers at St Gregory’s College.  Then in the last week it became clear that his body was beginning to shut down.  Family members came to spend time with him and throughout Sunday morning Brothers and visitors took time to sit with him.  His breathing slowed and at 11.20am he quietly entered into eternity.

At the time of his death on Sunday October 7, Richard was 82 years of age and in the 54th year of his religious life.

Family Details:

Date of Birth:   April 7, 1930 – Sydney.   Australia.

Schooling and Initial Formation:

·         School Attended: St Gregory’s College Campbelltown.
·         Postulancy: February 1, 1958 – August 14, 1958.
·         Novitiate:  August 15, 1958 – August 14, 1959.


·         First Vows:   August 15, 1959: At Mittagong to Br Quentin Duffy.
·         Perpetual Vows:  January 15, 1965 at St Joseph’s College to Br Othmar Weldon.


Ongoing Education and Formation:

Richard was a keen student for all of his life and before entering the Brothers he had already completed his BSc.  He went on to complete Masters degrees in Science and Education and added to those studies with courses in the piano and choirs.  His last area of study was a Diploma in Sacred Liturgy from the Irish Institute of Pastoral Liturgy. 


Community and Ministry Appointments:

Richard was involved in classroom teaching for all of his life as a Brother – the main areas being mathematics and physics.  Even when the Parkinson’s began to take hold, he still did some maths tutoring and assisted with the College swimming squad.  The other love was music and he spent many years accompanying choirs and most recently the boarders’ choir at their weekly mass.  He was determined and faithful with those people and things that he held dearly, especially his extended family.

May he rest in peace.


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