2019-08-07 HONG KONG

Rudolf Maria

Br. Rudolf died on 06 May, 2013 at Kwong Wah Hospital, Hong Kong in the 78th year of his age and the 59th year of his religious profession.

15-Nov-1934 Born in Regelsmais, Germany
1947-1954 Juniorate, Postulancy and Novitiate
29-08-1954 First Profession at Furth, Germany
1954-1958 Scholastic Training at Marian College, NY
1958-1959 Teaching in St. Thomas School, Kuantan
29-08-1959 Final Profession
1960 Teaching in Sam Tet School, Ipoh
1960-1965 Teaching in CHS, Petaling Jaya
1965-1966 Teaching at Dubois High school , NY
1966-1967 Teaching at St. Helena High School, NY
1967 Completed MA in City College New York
1967-1969 Teaching at Catholic High School, Sibu
1969-1974 Teaching at SFXC, Hong Kong
1974-1977 Teaching at Marist High School, Kobe
1977-1978 Teaching at Fr. Duenas Memorial School, Guam 1980-1996 Teacher and Vice Principle of Chan Sui Ki La Salle
1996-2005 Retired at Chanel Community, Hong Kong
2006 Retired at Petaling Jaya Community
2007 Study at Monash University, Melbourne
2007-2011 Retired at Petaling Jaya Community
2011-2013 Retired at SFXC, Hong Kong
06-05-2013 Called Home to the Lord


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