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Lay up January 2021 – Lay Marist USA

LayUp – January 2021

‚ÄúOur dream is to¬†become a¬†community¬†where Marists, lay women and men with brothers, are¬†connected¬†at local, national, and international levels, growing in communion and purpose through a wise¬†leadership.We take care of our people, enhancing the¬†formation¬†processes that allow anyone who wants to be around the table to find his/her place.‚ÄĚ
Dream Statement РLay Marist Assembly USA,  July 2018


Formation Information for Cohort One
The sessions are from 8:00 Р9:00 pm Eastern time, 7:00 Р8:00 PM Central.
  • Feb 3 or 11¬†– Session 1 –¬†Marist, Marcellin and Me, presented by Br Sean Sammon
  • Feb 17 or 25¬†– Session 2 –¬†He Gave us the Name of Mary: The Marist Tradition, presented by Chris Sullivan
  • March 3 or 11¬†– Session 3 –¬†Daily Life as a Marist Christian: The Five Pillars,¬†presented by a panel of Lay Marists ( Eyda Alegret, Joe Hallak, Tony Cantu, Madeline Picou, and Larry Tucker)
  • March 16 or 25¬†– Session 4 –¬†Marists of Champagnat:¬† A Global Charismatic Family, presented By Br Pat McNamara
  • April 7 or 15¬†– Session 5 –¬†Marists in Mission:¬† Love in Action, presented by Alice Miesnik

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