2020-05-15 GENERAL HOUSE

2020 Lavalla200> candidates

We have begun our preparation and discernment program for 8 new candidates: Denise Hernández Sánchez, Esmeralda Caudel, Mariana Moroñes and Mayra Ileana Gutiérrez Márquez (Mexico); Ruben Galego Montero and Silvia Ines Martinez Garcia (a couple – Spain); Maria Liezel Igoy (Philippines); Br Luis Sanz de Diego (Chile). Despite the limitations of the new world we are entering, they are all keen to make a commitment to join an international community from later this year.

Since we are unable this year to gather in one place, we have group meetings on Zoom, with translation into Spanish and English and with the possibility of going into small groups. The team, the candidates and the translators are learning how to manage the technology along the way.

There is a 13 hour time difference between Manila and Guadalajara, so we are limited in the hours available when everyone is awake! We also have personal accompaniment with each one.

At the beginning of this orientation week, Br Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General, joined us, from his office, to welcome and encourage the group who spoke afterwards of their appreciation for his words.  Also, all six existing communities joined the group on one day to greet the candidates and to share a little of their experience. Amazingly, we had visual contact except for Holguín (Cuba) and Tabatinga (Brazil) where the internet is too slow and had to use Whatsapp voice calls.

Our regular presenters have made themselves available to conduct their 3-day workshops online over the coming two months of the program– a novel experience for some of them.

All going well, Br Ernesto will be able to determine their appointments and commission them by late July, knowing that they will have to wait until much later in the year to get visas and travel.

We feel really privileged to be in touch with the enthusiasm and delight of these intending Marist missionaries for our times.


Lavalla200> team – Brothers Valdícer Fachi, Ángel Medina and Jeff Crowe


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