2018-01-09 GENERAL HOUSE

Agios.Mar 7

In order to be able to assume the responsibility of General Postulator of the Marist causes, that the General Council entrusted to me, previously I had to follow an obligatory course given by members of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.  The course was given in the lecture rooms of the Urbaniana University of Rome from January to June 2017.

The content of the course dealt with some theological, hagiographical, canonical and procedural or legal concepts related with the causes of beatification and canonization.

On the first day of the course, before beginning the inaugural masterly lesson, what mostly called my attention was the communication made by the director of the Studium, who is responsible for the organization of the course, when he announced that the students registered were 111, from approximately twenty countries. It was revealing information regarding the interest awakened in the Church regarding the promotion of the canonical recognition of sanctity.  The numerous beatifications and canonizations carried out during the Pontificates of John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis have been an incentive to begin processes in the whole world.

See: http://www.causesanti.va/content/causadeisanti/it/santi.html


Br.  Antonio Martínez Estaún, General Postulator 


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