2020-02-27 GENERAL HOUSE

Community Leaders Regional Programs

The Regional Programs for Community Leaders were conducted as planned. There were two groups, simultaneous, late last year and two groups, again simultaneous, at the beginning of this year. The programs were organized by the Secretariat Brothers Today, with the collaboration of the Community of Manziana and local links.

Europe, Asia and Oceania

The Europe Program for Community Leaders took place in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain on November 20 – December 13, 2019.  There were 18 Brothers and 6 Lay Marists who participated.  The team was composed by Br. Ángel Medina, Secretariat Brothers Today, Br. Joaquim Sperandio, from the Community of Manziana, Mr. Raúl Amaya of the Secretariat of Laity, and Br. Ernesto Tendero, Link Person for the Region. At the same time, the Asia – Oceania Program for Community Leaders was held in Lake Sebu, Philippines. 14 Brothers and 8 Lay Marists took part in this. Br. Tony Leon, Secretariat Brothers Today, Br. Joe Walton, community of Manziana, Br. Lindley Sionosa, the Link Person, and Ms. Agnes Reyes, Secretariat of Laity, formed the team.

Africa, América Sur and Arco Norte

On January 8 – 30, 2020, two simultaneous Community Leaders Program were run for the Africa Region and the Arco Norte and America Sur Regions. 26 African brothers participated in the program which Br. Joe Walton, Br. Tony Leon and Br. Lindley Sionosa facilitated in Rwamagana, Rwanda.  Meanwhile, in Guadalajara, Mexico, there were 16 Brothers and 18 Lay Marists who underwent the formation. It was facilitated by Br. Ángel Medina and Br. Joaquim Sperandio with Br. Jesus Hernández, Link Person.

The programs were made possible, first and foremost with the cooperation of the administrative units and the openness of specific provinces – East Asia, Ibérica, México Occidental and PACE – to receive the participants. Furthermore, there were several resource persons in the region, both Brothers and lay, who were invited to come and who did well in presenting the various topics in fulfilment of the objectives of the programs. The presence of and supplementary inputs from Br. Ernesto Sánchez, Br. Óscar Martín and Br. João Carlos do Prado at certain moments, were also significant.

Towards the end of each program, the participants were given time do an evaluation. Overall, the feedback was very positive and encouraging, especially that the Brothers Today Secretariat has lined up more regional programs in the future. It is important to note that having seminar-workshops, trainings and the like in the regions allows for more participation from the brothers and lay, owing to proximity and contextualization. In addition, this promotes greater collaboration among the administrative units in the regions, something which the General Administration is encouraging all Marists to do.


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