2008-12-01 CôTE DIVOIRE

District of West Africa

On November 1, All Saints Day, at the nearby parish, we celebrated the perpetual profession of Brother Vincent de Paul. The celebration was a marvelous occasion for giving thanks to Christ and our Good Mother for our Brother now perpetually professed. The ceremony enabled one to sense African life and its religious character, to observe at close hand new Christians of Africa like a seed which is daily growing more deeply. One was able to perceive as well the people?s religious sentiments and the way Marist life has taken root profoundly amongst ordinary people.

The presence of the Brothers, especially the young Brothers who had come from various communities, enabled me to have a really special day. Our District is growing, is alive, has hope, has a future. Let us thank God for the perpetual profession which our Brother has made, and for the Marist life which has taken root profoundly in our District. I am sure that Marcellin Champagnat feels very happy with what is happening in our District.
Letter of November 11, 2008, written by Brother Manuel Jorques Bru, Provincial


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