2024-05-08 SPAIN

Europe Region reflects on mental health, neuroeducation, sport and religion

On April 25 and 29, the last online meetings of the European teams reflecting on mental health, neuroeducation, Marist sport and religion were held for the 2023/2024 academic year.

In the three previous meetings, the teams had the presence of experts to develop some content related to the theme of the group in question.

  • SerafĂ­n BĂ©jar, a theologian, spoke on Christology, highlighting the connection between the self-giving of Jesus and the mission to which each Marist is called, as a Christian life project, in the key of self-giving (gratuitous, unconditional and generous).
  • As for Mental Health, the talk was given by JosĂ© Antonio Luengo, president of the College of Psychologists of Madrid and a specialist in mediation, support for couples, protocols for the prevention of self-injurious behavior and the world of adolescence.
  • Finally, Araceli Galán, from the EDELVIVES Foundation and linked to the chair of the University of Zaragoza dedicated to Comprehensive Educational Care, spoke about Neuroeducation. She presented the conclusions of the first symposium held on the subject.

Besides listening to these experts, the study groups were able to share their concerns and reflect on what they can contribute to the Marist mission.

The group dedicated to sports had the opportunity to see how the Marists of Catalonia (L’Hermitage) and Badajoz (Mediterránea) work, drawing inspiration from their dedication.

All these teams will finalize their work with their own contribution that will be presented in the relative groups present on the platform of the Champagnat Global Network.

There is also the work of other groups. The Erasmus team will meet during this month of May and the solidarity team, with its research on the rights of children, has already begun its work at the Cardinal Cisneros University Center.

The Marist Region of Europe continues to be very committed to everything related to the Marist Mission and, from there, to the work of accompaniment and animation being carried out by the coordination and accompaniment team.


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