2020-10-05 GENERAL HOUSE

FMSI and Secretariat of Solidarity: a new initiative in Papua New Guinea

FMSI and the Secretariat of Solidarity joined the forces and submitted a new project proposal to Misean Cara in Papua New Guinea, which has now been approved.

The project will start in December 2020 in cooperation with:

This new project in Papua New Guinea will help civil society actors to acquire a methodology for reporting, monitoring and following up the most pressing issues affecting human rights in the country through the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process. By doing this, it will enable local

NGOs to be more effective in their advocacy activities, will improve their collaboration with the Papua New Guinea government and, in the end, will improve the situation of those who are at risk of human rights violations. The project will achieve its goal and objectives by organising in-country and international activities aiming at:

  1. Supporting its members and partners – and civil society at large – to build or reinforce the capacities of local human rights defenders to advocate for the respect and protection of human rights at both the national and international levels
  2. b. Contributing to the strengthening of the human rights defenders’ network in the region in liaison with the international Geneva for advocacy purposes;
  3. c. Giving visibility to local human rights challenges in order to improve compliance of national decision makers with PNG human rights obligations and to develop more effective implementation strategies.
FMSI’s partnership

FMSI’s CCIG membership dates to 2010 with practical collaboration between the two organizations to implement in-country projects. The CCIG, ERI and FMSI implemented a year-long project to ensure that key human rights issues in Bolivia were brought to the attention of the international community during the UPR. As a result, a coalition of 18 civil society actors in Bolivia was empowered to advocate for children and women’s rights.

Given their competencies and experience, FMSI, CCIG, ERI, and the Domicans found themselves in an unique position to bring national and international attention to the most vulnerable people in Papua New Guinea – and the PNG society at large – by equipping them with the tools to advocate for their rights.

Photo : 34ème session de l’EPU en Bolivie


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