2023-02-08 GENERAL HOUSE

FMSI promotes meetings on project cycle management

FMSI, the Marist Foundation for International Solidarity, an NGO of the General Administration of the Institute, has organized a series of 5 meetings on “Project Cycle Management” for people working in the field of solidarity.

The first meeting was held on 4 February 2023. The first module of the course, given by Patricia Ynoñan Garcia, Misean Cara Mentor, focused on the topic: “Project Cycle Management: a brief presentation of what it means” and gave the participants the first tools to understand what it means to write and implement a development project. The course is organised by FMSI together with the Secretariat of Solidarity and the Corazon Solidario network and was attended by 66 members of Corazon Solidario, Brothers, Fathers, Sisters and Lay Marists around the world, De La Salle Brothers, members of the NGOs SED and Apurimac and Scalabrinian Sisters. The aim of this training initiative is to increase the operational skills needed for effective strategic and project planning.

The course began with a short but meaningful sentence: “Projects don’t fail at completion, they fail in their conception”.

which underlines how crucial the design phase of a project proposal, based on the needs of a given territory, is for the successful implementation of the project. The course participants were able to familiarise themselves with some of the terminology used in development cooperation: project cycle management, theory of change, sustainable results.

The next four modules will be implemented on the following four Saturdays and will focus on: How to prepare a proposal: context, problem, results, outputs, indicators; Tools: Logical Framework; Exploring different funding alternatives according to the organisations’ experience; Evaluation of proposals submitted to FMSI.


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