2023-06-10 GENERAL HOUSE

FMSI promotes project management training

The Marist Foundation for International Solidarity (FMSI) held on June 1 the first of the five meetings on the theme “Project Cycle Management”.
The first module of the course, addressed by Andrea Rossi, Director of FMSI, focused on the theme: “The logical framework – Results, indicators and monitoring”. The course gave the participants the opportunity to receive intermediate level training on Project Cycle Management, in order to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of projects and the Marist Mission in general.
The course was organized by FMSI together with the Secretariat of Solidarity, the Solidarity Heart Network  and the NGO SED (Solidaridad, Educación y Desarrollo), and it had the active participation of 55 members of the Solidarity Heart Network, brothers, parents, sisters and lay Marists in the world, members of SED and other organizations and congregations.
The objective of this training initiative is to reinforce the skills of the participants on the preparation of project proposals, the execution and management of projects, financial sustainability, and fundraising planning, in accordance with international requirements.


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