2014-02-01 TANZANIA

Forming the youth

The Marist community of Nyakato, from 27 to 30 December 2013, conducted a second workshop, addressed to a group of Nyakato Parish. Many of the participants from the first workshop organized themselves in order to assure that we could conduct well this second workshop.

The total number of participants was 30 young adults (17-29 years old), who wanted to deepen in their meaning of life, strengthening the Christian values and to believe that each one is the agent of change in the society where they are.

The workshop was organized in a way to give time to have inputs from young people like them and from Fr. Alphonse Twimann’ye (of Geita diocese) who also helped us with the sacraments of reconciliation and eucharist; to have moments of prayer, directed by the Marist Brothers and postulants; to organize sports and to share meals together.

In the opinion of the participants, workshops like this one help them to live a better life, as they could remember their purpose of life. In order not to remain only as a “good experience”, these young adults agreed in what is called “The Ongoing Project of Life”, which puts in writing the objectives, means and people who will be responsible to achieve that.

Among other means chosen during the first workshop of last June, they agreed to hold a monthly recollection at the Marist Brothers premises, and they have been faithful to keep it as a tool that help them to grow in their faith.

Together with the leaders of this organization (composed by a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer), the Marist Brothers and the postulants had a participation in it, taking advantage of the holidays from the secondary school students. We believe that forming the youth, like this group, will render good benefits for the future leaders of the society and of the church.


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