2018-02-20 GENERAL HOUSE

General council and Secretariats meet to discern Institute?s future steps

The general council is gathering with secretariats from Feb. 19 – 23 at the general house in Rome for “a time of awareness and joint reflection, in an atmosphere of openness, discernment and mutual listening.”

The staff of all the departments of the general house were invited to attend the session on the morning of Feb. 19 for the first part of the ‘integration week’ (semana de integración).

In his invitation letter, vicar general Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez affirmed that “the Council wants to make this meeting an opportunity to carry out a joint work and brainstorm around the calls and orientations of the XXII General Chapter.”

This will serve to build a list of ideas, suggestions and initiatives that facilitate the realization of strategic planning for the animation and governance of the Institute that we will be building in these months,” he added.

In the first session, superior general Brother Ernesto Sánchez underscored that the general government is hoping to work under seven principles during its eight-year term – integration, synergy, unity, direction, organisation, communication and service.

The week also coincides with Br Ernesto’s birthday on Feb. 21, which will be celebrated by the general council, the secretariats and all the staff with a Mass at noon.

From Feb. 21 – 23, the general council and the secretariats will focus on the Calls of the XXII General Chapter .


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