2005-08-09 GERMANY

I have seen the star and have set out on my journey

How many stars in the panorama of our life, how many opportunities? But, to be honest, how many fleeting moments, how many wasted opportunities? yes, it is true that each person is one who is looking, but each one of us is also one who does not make a choice. The Magi undertook a journey without knowing where they were going and how long it would take. Mary also did something similar: she set out on an adventure with indefinite boundaries, but with the certainty that the road led to God: ?Here I am! I am the Lord?s servant!?

Setting out on a journey frequently means leaving the ordinary, very often it means risking, nearly always it is to go to meet an unknown sea. And one condition that is very important is well explained in a song: ?Before leaving on a long journey, you must carry with you the desire to no longer return.?

The eagle has its nest on the high precipices and raises its young with a great deal of love. But in order to feed them, the eagle takes on a daring task, to make the young leave the nest. Instead of bringing the food and leaving it in the nest, the eagle encourages its young to the edge of the nest to see the prey so that, eventually overbalancing, they fall out of the nest. Thus, their first flight has occurred. So it is through a near death that freedom and salvation begins.

To embark on a journey with the desire to not return to old pathways, without using the old refrain: ?I was wrong!? that allows me to return back. To embark on a journey without worrying about the images others have of me, the criticism of others, but counting on myself and on the help of God that never decreases. To embark on a journey as a person in history did, who after having heard the words of a priest ?God wants you, you must become a priest!? set out on his great adventure. He journey so far that on the 18th April 1999, John Paul II was able to say to the Church: ?You want a model? Here is one!?


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