2005-08-07 GENERAL HOUSE

It has learned to walk now and run later?

On the 18th April 2005 the new version of the web page www.champagnat.org completed one year of life. In the attempts to analyse the service offered and in particular to improve it, we put a survey on-line during the months of April and May 2005.
The survey remained on line from the 19th April until the 5th June. One hundred and sixty-nine people took part. The survey was structured in two parts: the first looked at the website while the second looked at the bulletin.

www.champagnat.org has a daily average of 900 visitors, with 4,160 pages visited (every visitor looks at 4.6 pages on average). 35% visit the site several times a week, 31% visit the site every day, 17% once a week, 14% occasionally and 3% once a month.

The Marist Bulletin was born on the 25th December 2001 and on the 9th June 2005 the 200th edition was sent out. Each week it is sent by e-mail to 3,493 people (09/06/2005) in the four official languages of the Institute: Spanish (2,064), English (605), Portuguese (445) and French (379). All the editions are archived on the site and can be consulted at any time.

We would like to thank everyone who took party in this survey. This interaction is very important. We will continue to use the data and opinions that we have received from this survey to improve our website and we wish to use your contributions and suggestions to make www.champagnat.org the site for all who love Marcellin Champagnat and who want to base their lives on his charism. Thank you for all you have done and will do in the future,

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