2006-12-13 CANADA

If you were Marcellin?

The Provincial phase of the process occurred at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, an important Marial sanctuary in Quebec, on the 10th, 11th and the 12th November 2006, in the setting of a forum of the Quebec Marist Movement.

Laypeople and brothers, eighty people from twenty to eighty years of age were employed during the morning of the 11th November, praying, reflecting, listening and sharing on the theme ?One Heart, One Mission?.

The leaders of the ten groups formed throughout the Province to participate at our rendezvous ?One heart, One Mission? presented their summary reports to start the congress. The use of different processes of animation made this first part very lively.

Everyone was then regrouped in teams to reflect and deliberate on the letter of Marcellin, received last June, addressed to each one for our fourth meeting. Among the questions submitted to the participants, this one merited our attention. If you were Marcellin and were able to pose one sole action for deprived young people, what would you start to do now in the context of our Quebecois society? The suggestions were numerous; to undertake the foundation of a house of love to welcome and listen to those who wanted it; the idea of creating an alternative teaching establishment for those who find serious problems in the public school system. A Marist dares to create an interaction by our presence and remains attentive to these young people who experience great solitude.

Our three holiday camps in Quebec, the Marist camp at Rawdon, the manager of Fort-Coulonge and the Youth Animation Service from Outaouais of Saint-Sixte were presented during the afternoon. Monitors and directors presented to the participants what they do with the campers during the summer. Cordial and dynamic presentations helped us see the way in which they pass on Marist values to children. Their youthfulness invigorated us.

The assembly finished with the Eucharist on the Sunday morning. The gospel of the day invited us to start our journey: ?Go, I am sending you, two by two??. A gesture of gratitude was posed by eight laypeople who are committed to giving witness to and living Marist charism.

This theme ?One Heart, One Mission? has aroused a new dynamism throughout the Province during this year. This step brought together one hundred and sixteen people divided into ten groups. Our confrères (sixty-five) of our two infirmaries and a community of aged brothers participated by carrying our actions in their prayers.

Yes, the fire has been rekindled in the heart of many!

It is up to us to maintain it and nourish it!


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