2022-07-29 BRAZIL

III Post-Novitiate Meeting in the South America Region

From July 13 to 24, the South America Region held the third Post-Novitiate meeting of the formative process that seeks to accompany young Brothers in temporary vows. The itinerary took place in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with the participation of 26 Brothers from Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

The formation process began in the Region in 2020 and consists of three itineraries that respond to the axes proposed in the Region’s initial formation plan: consecration, fraternity, and mission.

In the third meeting, which had as its theme “Marist Mission”, the participants had the opportunity to deepen the Marist charism from its mission of “Making Jesus Christ known and loved” showing the world the face of Jesus-Brother. During the activity it was possible to get to know the Marist presence in Belo Horizonte and its cultural richness; there was a space for prayer and interiority through the rule of life guided by Brother Isidro Azpeleta. A workshop on the Mission of the outward-focused Church was also held, led by theologian Tania Mayer; above all, there was an intense experience of community sharing.

On July 23, the synthesis of the experience took place. It was a prayerful moment that invited the young Brothers to reflect on what they carry in their hearts to continue to promote their vocation in the places of mission and motivated them to dream about the next meetings. In the community sharing, the experience of the fraternity from the care of the other, the meetings, community walks, and informal dialogues were highlighted, since they allowed them to get to know each other, and at the same time, to know the personal and cultural richness of each one; they also considered important the spiritual moments of prayers and celebrations.

The third meeting concluded with much joy and some challenges for the participants, who are looking forward to the next meeting in Peru. During the event, the two young Brothers who will make up the new team that will accompany the following experience were also elected.

May Jesus, Mary, our Good Mother, and Fr. Champagnat continue to guide the Region’s journey to care for and generate Marist life.


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