2023-04-19 CHILE

Inter-American Solidarity Heart Network members meeting

Members of the Inter-American Solidarity Heart Network from Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Argentina who make up the Regional Thematic Group “Service-Learning” met at the beginning of April for the first virtual meeting of the year, to find a path of solidarity in the Americas.

The Regional Thematic Group “Service-Learning” continues to work to evangelize, encourage and accompany solidarity from a rights-based approach, the promotion of solidarity practices from the academic curriculum. It operates as a learning community that aims to share good practices and join efforts for the implementation of Service-Learning in Marist educational works in the Americas.

The meeting focused on the organization and definition of the year’s working groups around three important axes: Training, Systematization of Service-Learning Experiences in the Americas, and the First International Seminar on Marist Service-Learning organized by the Solidarity Heart Network.


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