2011-08-10 SPAIN

International Meeting of Young Brothers

During the World Youth Day (WYD), the Marist Brothers will offer a program of activities open to both people involved in the International Meeting of Young Brothers (EIJM) and young people who come to Madrid as participants in WYD. The activities will be:



1.-Workshop on Vocations Animation “Marists in the World”. Marist mission and spirituality.

Organized by the Marist Vocations Council of Europe
Dates: 16, 17 and 18 August.
Timetable: from 16:00 to 18:30.
Place: Colegio Marista Chamberí, Madrid.
Maximum number: 100 persons. Groups of 25 aprox.

  • It will explain what is Marist life around the world (not only in Europe or in Spain) and will cover all facets of the Marist mission. It will be presented in a very dynamic form which includes a future perspective of the mission, the defense of the rights of children, mission ad gentes… It will also cover Marist spirituality.
  • We desire that, in addition to posters, we have audiovisual material on  testimonies.
  • We propose as the guiding thread “The Marian face of the Church”. This will take concrete form in an attractive slogan, which will give unity to whatever is presented in the exposition.
  • Together with the exposition, we offer aCoffee Chat, that is to say, time over a coffee to comment on what they have seen in the exposition, including the offer of accompaniment for those who desire it. In this chat, we will provide  directions and webs for them to continue working on the topic of vocation.
  • They meet around tables, are given two questions and share their responses. Then they can continue going around the tables. The sharing can be done in the four languages of the Institute, making use of the persons of various languages who are there.

Persons who will run it:

  1. ERNESTO TENDERO PEREZ – Marist Brother, Master of Novices
  2.  ISAAC RODRÍGUEZ CÁCERES – Marist novice
  3. FÁBIO QUIERÓS OLIVEIRA – Marist novice
  4. JUAN CARLOS FUERTES MARI – Marist Brother


2.-“Marist Solidarity”. Workshop on solidarity, education and development. (NGO–SED)

Dates: 16, 17 and18 August.
Participants: 100 persons
Topics: Solidarity in general, but with different content each day.

a) Objective

To make known the work of SED in the defence of the Rights of the Child, to spread awareness of its importance and encourage acceptance.

b) Development

  • General Setting
  • Permanent exhibition: Rights of the Child
  • Stand:  Educational materials (UU.DD, DVDs, Posters…)

16 August – Right to HEALTH
17 August – Right to EDUCATION
18 August – Right to PROTECTION

In charge of the team: ANTONIO TEJEDOR MINGO

Presenters of the workshops:



3.- Conference-colloquium “About youth drug addicts, prevention and intervention”

Dates: 16, 17 and 18 August.
Place: Colegio Marista Chamberí, Madrid.
Timetable: from 16:00 to 18:00.
Maximum attendance: 60 persons.

Person responsible:



4.- Dramatic Monologue – Anonymous Gospel

This involves a theatrical work which brings a personal vision of the figure of Jesus of Nazareth, in an attempt to portray his great humanity.Anonymous Gospel is a theatrical text interpreted by a solo actor and set in the period when the action takes place.

Synopsis:A town inGalilea, approximately the year 58 after Christ. An anonymous person, contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth, recalls part of his childhood with the intention of putting everything in writing. He remembers when he knew Jesus and what he learned from him. He makes an analysis of the events which happened during that time and up to the present and gives his opinion on them. He offers a portrait of the man Jesus through his vision and from a critical point of view, and at the same times shows what was possibly the thinking of many men and women of the time.

Once the presentation is finished, a dialogue is proposed in the form of a reflection between the audience and the interpreter about the work.


Responsible for the activity: ALBERT LÓPEZ VIVANCOS – Script writer, actor and director

Dates: 16, 17 and 18 August.
Place: Colegio Marista Chamberí, Madrid.
Timetable: from 16:00 to 17:30.
Maximum attendance: 500 persons.


5.- Marist Festivals:

A.-Concert by “Kairoi”.

Date: Tuesday 16 August.
Place: Colegio marista San José del Parque, Madrid.
Time: 21,30.
Maximum number: 2000 persons.


B. Marist Festival.

Date: Wednesday 17 August.
Place: Colegio marista San José del Parque, Madrid.
Time: 21,30
Maximum number: 2000 persons
Presented by the groups of Marist pilgrims attending the WYD.

See more in http://www.maristas.es/jovenes/


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