2023-12-05 GENERAL HOUSE

International Volunteering Day – 2023

International Volunteering Day, instituted by the UN in 1985, is commemorated internationally on December 5. It is a day to recognize volunteers and promote the spirit of volunteering at local, national, and international levels, with the aim of making the spirit of solidarity, peace, and development present throughout the world.

 For this year’s International Volunteering Day, according to the United Nations, recognizes the power of collective action: if everyone volunteered, the world would be a better place. If everyone did it

“Volunteering is a tremendous renewable resource for solving social, educational, economic and environmental problems around the world. As the world faces growing challenges, volunteers are often the first to help. Volunteers are at the forefront in crises and emergencies, often in very difficult and urgent situations”.

We wish to thank all the volunteers who donate their time, energies, skills, and abilities to help and be of service to others in different and multiple areas: education for all, a clean environment and good health, inclusive and peaceful societies, and much more.

Thank you because as Marist Volunteers you offer, with openness and simplicity, your availability at the local or global level, beyond geographical or provincial boundaries; you recognize that the world is continually changing and you face today’s challenges; you abandon the culture of “ego” and promote the culture of “echoes”, you try to placate the scandal of indifference and social inequalities; you are agents of change, bridge builders, messengers of peace, you strive to transform life and our environment; you are not afraid to take risks to reach out to the peripheries, in defence of the poorest and most vulnerable.

Thank you Volunteer for your commitment, for your actions and initiatives of educational, social and community interest, which are carried out in a collaborative and selfless way. Thank you for your donated life that comes from the heart and a service of solidarity that respects the rights and collaborates in the empowerment and inclusion of so many children and young people.


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