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IntoThe Deep: Arriving in Lisbon

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Young people from all over the world, linked to the 4 branches of the Marist Family, are meeting in Lisbon a few days before World Youth Day. The International Meeting of Marist Youth will take place from July 26 to 31, with the theme “Into the Deep”. Together with the young representatives of the different groups of Marist youth ministry, several members of the general governments of the Marist Sisters, Priests, Marist Missionary Sisters, and Marist Brothers participated in the meeting.

The participants will be guests of the Province of Compostela. “We welcome young Marists from all over the world with joy and hope, to help them deepen their commitment to the Marist mission and invite them to “look beyond’“, said Br. Máximo Blanco, Provincial of Compostela. Hasta el día 30, todos los participantes estarán en Carcavelos, ciudad cerca de Lisboa, alojados en el Colegio Marista. The 31st Marist Festival will take place and the participants will meet in Lisbon, at the Marist Externato. Not only the young representatives, but all the Marist youth who will be in Portugal for World Youth Day, which will take place from August 1 to 6, will participate in this day.

The meeting in Carcavelos begins on Wednesday, with the initial celebration, after dinner.

« Put out into the deep, and let down your nets for a catch »

Jesus’ invitation to Peter at Lake Galilee (Luke 5:1-11) is the invitation addressed to the youth of today. The motto of the meeting “IntoTheDeep” reminds us that Jesus is near and calls us to sail further and cast our nets. And the youth, courageous, answer: ” Master, we have toiled all the night, … nevertheless at thy word, I will let down the net” 

“May your greatness not intimidate us, may your mercy embrace us, may it give us strength in our weakness, and may the fire of your calling ignite within us, like in Mary. Yes, like her! To serve those who suffer the most in this world.” (Participant’s Manual)

The logo

There are four symbolic elements in the meeting’s logo:

  • 4 Waves: Four very similar colors representing the 4 Marist congregations.
  • • Red, green, and yellow: The colors of the Portuguese flag.
  • • The “i” in “Into,” translated as “towards.” It also represents a person, each of the participants, and the reference to the founders, Mary and Jesus.
  • • The “D” in “Deep,” translated as “deep.” The “i” and the “D” form a boat sailing over the waves.

In this link, you can find further information about the meeting.


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