2023-01-12 PHILIPPINES

Laity leaders of East Asia strengthen animation priorities for 2023

On January 6, Ms. Elma Rafil, Chair of the Laity Committee, convened a meeting of all laity leaders of animation of the Philippine Sector of the Province East Asia. Coming from different Marist communities across the Philippines, it was an apt exercise to begin the meeting with a sharing of personal stories. All participants shared what was the most significant positive experience they had in 2022 and what do they look forward to in 2023.

Key agenda were discussed during the meeting. First was the sharing of the message of the Asian representatives of the International Forum on the Vocation of Marist Laity by Marjorie Ra├▒eses. It was followed by the review of the Statement of the 6th Provincial Chapter.

From these resources, the team of leaders identified and prioritized major activities to implement for 2023 as follows: Revitalization of the Friends of Marcellin, strengthen the MarEx group, come up with training for lay animators and propose a Province-wide Joint Formation Program.

Dates were identified for the implementation of these priority activities.

With each one assuring support, the meeting ended with a note of excitement for the new year, looking beyond new endeavors, promising to generate new hopes.


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