2010-12-21 ITALY

Manziana – 17 October ? 13 December 2010

Monday 13 December was a busy day for the fourteen participants of the course. They began returning to their homes refreshed and enlivened for the years that lie ahead. The Brothers took part in two pilgrimages. The first, to the Brothers? respective place of origin. The second, to the country of St Francis of Assisi. Both journeys being long enough to allow the Brothers to take the time to absorb the spirit of each place. The guides really opened the Brothers? eyes as they told the stories and explained the situation at the time.While at Manziana guest presenters had guided them to a more positive vision for the future. Don Bisson helped them see the possibilities that lay in the years ahead, David Glenday inspired them as they looked at Religious life today. Eileen Plunkett took the topic, ?Choices of the Heart? in a very gentle manner. Brother Emili Turu and Brother James Jolley made presentations and called them to see the developing opportunities to help the youth of today. John Fuellenbach talked of the Kingdom and reminded them frequently of God?s love for each. Brother Mike McAward, from the Marianists General House, highlighted how Brothers and Priests live together as brothers in their communities.To conclude their time at Manziana, Michael Drennan SJ guided them for a short three day retreat.Under the guidance of Barry Burns and Antoine Kazindu their time at Manziana had gone very quickly. The group showed their appreciation to both these Brothers and to Fr Des Hunt (Chaplain) and Anthony Hunt (Econome) during the final celebration.It had been a life changing eight weeks for them.


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