2013-01-18 SYRIA

Marist community of Aleppo

To all our Marist brothers and friends around the world. Thank you for all the interest you are showing in our situation. We have just been through a time of fear and anguish… In our quarter, death, hate, terror have arrived to install themselves, destroying, killing the people who were settling down to rest on this public holiday of Friday 18 January 2013. It is true that we emerged safe and sound, but the others: the children, women, men, all those getting ready to go to the Friday prayer, the simple people, the everyday faces..

Lord, when will it end? Have mercy, have mercy, have mercy… Your people are suffering, your people are in mourning, your people are terrorized… Our lamp is flickering, Lord hear our prayer… and you Mary, our Good Mother, you who were once again invoked this morning in saying, Salve Regina, you Mary, our refuge and our hope, we are in the vale of tears… Mary, help us, strengthen our hope which is faltering, pray for us.

Br. Georges Sabé
Maristes Alep – Facebook


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