General Conference 2013 – Subject and logo

General Conference 2013

Both the motto and the accompanying verse were proposed by the General Council and submitted to the Communications and Institutional Image Sector of the Brazil Centro Sul Province, which subsequently developed the logo. Here are some remarks about it:

The expression “awakening the dawn” appears in two Psalms (57:8-9 and 108:2-3) with almost the same words:

“My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and chant. Awake, my soul! Awake, O harp and lyre! I will awake the dawn!”

The word dawn expresses the search for new horizons, for the new world we want to construct. And the phrase Awakening the dawn puts us in an active and dynamic attitude. The sun breaking at dawn points to the verse or subtitle accompanying the motto: the light shines on the human figures, and gives an overall tone of warmth and optimism.
Dawn normally awakes the poet to sing praise to the Lord, but here the poet precedes dawn, for he cannot contain his overwhelming joy. It’s time to wake up swiftly, to sing the passing from fear to joy, from nightmare to peace, from lamentation to thanksgiving. So does the psalmist with these verses shining for their intensity and beauty. As he awakes the dawn, the poet must awake himself, discovering all the dignity that had been hidden under his fear before the threats of the enemy.

The symbol of the globe expresses internationali-ty (involving all Marists) and unity (meeting of representatives from all Provinces). The outlining of the continents represents human figures in movement: it is us who build a new world through our actions.

The images of children and young people indicate the recipients of the Marist mis-sion and reinforce the focus of the meet-ing: there is a future because there is plenty of life ahead. The prophet, repre-sented in a dynamic and friendly way, be-comes a prophet of hope: his welcoming arms show acceptance, inclusion; being outstretched and forming a cross, they emphasize the Christian dimension. Such is the Marist mission: looking through the eyes of children, we open up to a new world of hope.