2019-12-05 CHILE

Marist Life in Chile

During the last few weeks, with Chile immersed in a social crisis, Marist schools have continued in their role of forming good citizens by providing various opportunities for reflection.

In his letter of October 24 the Mission Delegate, Ernesto Reyes, pointed out: "We Marists have been, are, and will continue to be formators of good Christians and good citizens, and promoters of the common good and solidarity, because that is our mission—to educate and instill in young people the values of Jesus Christ. We carry out this mission through school councils, talks, plenary sessions, community dialog, actions of solidarity, and conversations, among others. These have been provided by the administrations of the twelve Marist schools in the country, where the students are able to freely express their opinions with deep respect for all positions, seeking only to understand what today's Chile needs to overcome the crisis and how to contribute to the building up of our country.

Some students have participated in other forms of expression, such as demonstrations both inside and outside of school, opinion polls, town halls, posters, etc. Students themselves plan activities that express their feelings and generate conversations that respect all the opinions and positions existing in the educational communities. They seek to discover what can be done to contribute to the reconstruction of a new and better vision of society.


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