Lavalla200> HolguĂ­n, Cuba


Holguín: This community began in Holguín in the southeast of the country in 2019.  The city of Holguín itself is some 700 km from Havana or 500 km from the nearest Marist presence in Cienfuegos.  Because Cuba is a socialist state, all education is in the hands of the government.  Church work with young people must be inside church buildings. The community engages with groups of children, adolescents and university students, young catechists, guitar classes in their house and at a centre in a poor area of Holguín.  One the weekends they assist at the parish of Cacocum and surrounding settlements. Their intention is to form leaders and support the lay leaders. The community lives in a diocesan house.



Pablo Cobo Peinado, Laura Miño Pérez, Luis Sanz fms, José Manuel Acal fms