2021-06-30 GENERAL HOUSE

Meeting of the International Commission on Marist Spiritual Patrimony

Since 2020, the pandemic situation has prevented the International Commission on Marist Spiritual Patrimony from meeting face-to-face in Rome, as it did in previous years, for a full week, usually in June. The Commission began meeting virtually and held its first meeting in October 2020. Following its second meeting, held on 26 January 2021, the group met virtually on 22 June this year. 

All the members participated, namely Brothers Antonio Ramalho (coord.), Allan de Castro, André Lanfrey, Colin Chalmers, Guillermo Villareal, Michael Green, Omar Peña, Patricio Pino, Vincent de Paul and Mr. Dyogenes Philippsen, as well as Brothers Angel and Lindley of the Brothers Today Secretariat and Br. Brothers Teófilo and Arsacio oversaw the simultaneous translations.

Br. Óscar communicated that it was not possible to carry out the joint visit of the 4 Marist General Councils to the places of origin. However, there was a Council meeting in May, at Manziana’s house, where those responsible for the Marist places in France took part. They form a team to ensure the articulation between the historical places of the different Marist branches. Regarding the Formation Guide, the team appointed by the General Council is continuing its work. They will begin a stage of listening, in which they will ask for the contribution of the Patrimony Commission.

Marist Notebooks – Dyogenes presented a project to make access to and knowledge of the CM more wide-ranging and dynamic. He suggested that the publication could have an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number), to be available to researchers and people interested in the study of Patrimony. A first call for contributions was made in view of the 40th issue of CM, which will be organised from the next meeting.

FMS Studia – Br André Lanfrey, having previously examined the titles and authors important for publication in the collection, suggested at the meeting two or three works as priorities for printing in the next two years, if possible. The Commission reflected on the proposal and defined a priority to be forwarded to the General Council.

Heritage course – Br Michael Green prepared a proposal for a course, which has already received comments and other input. It will be discussed at the next meeting.

Scheduling of the Commission – Given the short time of only two hours for the meeting, several matters will be left pending. Given the impossibility of holding the desired face-to-face meeting in Rome in September, three dates have been scheduled for the next meetings, virtually: 20 and 23 September, and 25 October 2021.


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