2016-12-21 HAITI

Marist works resume activities

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Marist Works in Haiti are slowly resuming their activities, after hurricane Matthew damaged many buildings on Oct. 4 and killed over 800 people.

The Marist schools of Dame Marie and Latibolière resumed lessons, as well as in the Nativité School, where students returned to the classrooms on Nov. 7. The classrooms had not been repaired yet, but the director provisionally enabled the students to have a place in some of the rooms and in a few hallways.

In Fatima, the Brothers worked intensely to be able to begin classes on Nov. 14. Five rooms, of the eight existing ones, were available for the students.

The rooms of the school of Latibolière were already available to use on Nov. 7.

Unfortunately, a strong rainstorm did not allow students back to school until Nov. 14, too. 

The Marist Brothers and the students continue to work to sort out the great damage caused by the hurricane and to improve the conditions in order to facilitate access to the classrooms.

The Brothers express their sincere gratitude to all the benefactors. Their help allowed students to return quicker to school.

There are still other reparations to be done and the Marist solidarity structures (FMSI, SED, Mexico Occidental Province) continue to offer funding to help the country’s Marist community.


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