2006-01-20 GENERAL HOUSE

Meet the BIS Team

BIS is growing in ?wisdom, stature, and grace? and responsibility. With the start of the New Year, we introduce the members of the Bureau of International Solidarity.
Br. Dominick Pujia (USA) is the bureau?s current director. He has completed one term and is looking forward to a second term of service to the Institute. As Director he is responsible for the overall direction for the programs and activities of BIS. In the coming year BIS will continue its fine work in project coordination and partnership building with international donors while at the same time it will be making major advances in the area of advocacy and education for justice, peace and solidarity.
Sara Panciroli came to the bureau as administrative assistant in February 2005. In the one year she has been here she has shown an amazing ability to keep things organized and moving. She came at a difficult time with the departure of a project coordinator. She took up the challenge and while working on the duties for which she was hired, she also managed to keep the projects department moving along as well. Br. Dominick says she is ?a gifted and talented person, focused on the mission of the office and the Institute. We are blessed to have her with us.?
Br. Cesar Henriquez (Central America) comes to us from the country of El Salvador. He joined the bureau in October 2005 as the Institute?s Child Rights Advocacy Officer for human rights issues affecting children.


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