2021-11-15 GENERAL HOUSE

Meeting on Innovation and Development of the International Marist Network of Higher Education Institutions

The Network of Marist Universities organised a virtual meeting on the 17th of November on the theme “Innovation in the context of the Third Mission in Marist HEIs: HEIs as factors in the process of Social and Economic Development of the society in which they operate”.

The event was addressed to the leaders of Marist HEIs, members of the General Government and of the Provinces.

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • To reflect on the post pandemic scenario from the perspective of innovation and development for Higher Education.
  • To propose ways for the planning of HEIs, considering the changes that are taking place in the face of new models of teaching, research, the impact of the media, technology and interactivity in the knowledge society.

Speakers include: Juan Pablo Suárez Chacón, President of the Latin American Division of IASP and President of the Scientific and Technological Park UTPL, Ecuador; Juan Fernando Pacheco Duarte, Rector of the Scientific Park of Social Innovation of the Minuto de Dios University (Uniminuto), Colombia; and Jorge Audy, Superintendent of the Scientific and Technological Park of PUCRS, Brazil.

The event took place via Zoom (Via Zoom – Click here to join
(ID meeting: 972 0140 3933 | Password: 697145), with the following schedules according to the country:

Mexico – Mexico City – 6AM
Peru – Lima – 7AM
USA – Poughkeepsie/NY – 7AM
Brazil – Brasília – 9AM
Argentina – Buenos Aires – 9AM
Nigeria – Enugu – 1PM Spain – Madrid – 1PM
Italy – Roma – 1PM
Congo Republic – Kisangani – 2PM
Kenya – Nairobi – 3PM
Philippines – Davao – 8PM
Australia – Brisbane – 10PM

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