2006-11-23 SWITZERLAND

Meeting with Brother César Henríquez

The brothers who are participating in the Third Age renewal course at Manziana visited Geneva on their way to the Hermitage. At Geneva they had the opportunity of seeing the work that is being launched on behalf of the entire Institute in collaboration with Franciscans International before the United Nations.

This activity is part of the programme of animation and education of BIS with regard to the promotion and the defence of the Rights of the Child, a project launched by the General Council two years ago and which includes since October of this year a new presence in Geneva, a Marist community of the Province of L?Hermitage which supports the initiative of the brothers of the General Administration.

The brothers had the opportunity to dialogue with Brother César Henríquez, member of BIS who co-ordinates the work at Geneva, about the current organisational work and about future projects, in order to support the work that the Marists are already doing in different Provinces and to encourage the realisation of new projects.

Millions of children and adolescents see their future being threatened given the poverty, the lack of education, discrimination, violence and many other situations that unjustly handicap and marginalise them. We Marists of the whole world have a voice and we want it to be heard, joining the work of education and of human and Christian promotion that we are currently carrying out, in order to seek ways of assuring them a more just and equitable world.

The brothers of BIS at Geneva will continue to offer this type of dialogue and reflection to brothers and laypeople in the aim of collaborating in the deepening of the Marist mission in the world of today.


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