2020-12-19 GENERAL HOUSE

Meetings of Solidarity Delegates by Region

On 9 and 10 December, 31 Solidarity representatives from 24 Administrative Units took part in the first round of regional meetings run by the Secretariat of Solidarity. Five meetings were held (Africa, South America, Arco-Norte, Asia-Oceania and Europe) by videoconference. Along with the Province solidarity delegates, we also had representatives from SED, Corazon Solidario and UMBRASIL. The meetings were led by Brothers Francis and Angel Diego, directors of the Secretariat of Solidarity.

The main objective of these meetings was to have the opportunity to get to know each other and to share what we are and what we do. Indirectly, through this meeting, we have been able to reinforce some of the calls of the XXII General Chapter. We have discovered, once again, the sense of belonging to a “global charismatic family”, sharing Marist life in all its diversity, and growing in our desire to act as a global body.

Building bridges

During this unsettled period, the result of the pandemic, we have been trying to respond creatively, taking advantage of new technologies to communicate with, strengthen links and build bridges within the Marist world, so as to be bridge builders on a wider scale in the midst of our society.

Through our simple and fraternal sharing in the course of our meetings, we have managed to reinforce our efforts and commitment to be attentive to the needs of our world, to “journey with the children and young people living on the margins of life ” and to build a more just and more human world. We can truly say that we have experienced a sense of belonging to the same family, beyond our cultural and linguistic diversity. People from more than 20 countries sharing, working on and dreaming about a common ideal.

Issues that have been raised in the sharing include concern for Child Rights, growth in our ecological awareness and action, education in solidarity in our schools, attention to emerging needs, being creative in our search for alternative models, increasing our presence on the margins of the world, networking and collaboration… All of them represent a challenge for the Marist world. Likewise, all of them are real issues today in one way or another in the five continents.

Marist Solidarity
Solidarity Network

During the various meetings we have been able to share our main concerns in the area of solidarity, as well as some of the actions being taken in our Administrative Units. These concerns and actions cover a wide range of approaches to solidarity.

From the Secretariat of Solidarity, we would like to thank all the participants, and their support teams as well. We are grateful to them for making themselves available, their Maristness, their efforts for the most needy, and attempts to respond to the emerging needs of our time. It has been a great opportunity to discover the treasure that is the Marist Institute on the 5 continents.

We would also like to thank Brother Teofilo for his service in translation. A great help, and a great service, putting his gifts at the service of others. Thank you, Teofilo.

Marcellin let himself be touched by the needs of his time and found a way to respond to them. We ask God, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, to open our hearts to discover the needs around us and to give us the strength to respond boldly to them.

Secretariat of Solidarity


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