2021-08-20 AUSTRALIA

News from the Province of Australia

The Brothers of the Province, spread across Australia and 10 other countries, are keeping well, despite the continuing challenges of the COVID-19 era. While several Brothers overseas have contracted the virus, fortunately none have been seriously unwell as a result.

The Brothers in the dedicated aged care communities have been under varying degrees of restrictions for much of the last 18 months, and they continue to adjust very well. Paul Creevey and Ray Arthur were even able to make a return for a home holiday from Belgium and Manila. Both have now returned overseas.


We currently have approximately 30 East Timorese and Melanesians in various stages of Formation. The virus has caused us to adapt our processes and we now have novices in East Timor, The Philippines and Solomon Islands.


It’s just over twelve months since the District of Melanesia merged with the Province of Australia. It’s been a challenging time with international travel restrictions, meaning there’s been no possibility of travel between Australia and Melanesia. There are also restrictions on travel between the countries of Melanesia. For example, Br Henry Uguni, a citizen of the Solomon Islands, is still stranded in Port Moresby, unable to gain access to his home country.

Tragically, Br Mark Poro, who was 56 years old and the Community Leader and Formator at Laumanasa House, died in Honiara Hospital on 20 July. His death is a huge loss to the young Brothers in the community and to the Province.

New Province 2022

The new Province, to be formed on 8 December 2022, with the amalgamation of the District of the Pacific and the Province of Australia, has a name. Br Ernesto, Superior General, has confirmed that it will be known as the Star of the Sea Province. It’s a most appropriate name given that most of the countries of the Province are islands or ones where sea features significantly: Aotearoa- New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, East Timor, Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Papua New guinea, Vanuatu. The name is a time-honoured title for Mary. Our prayer is that Marist life in the Province will indeed be a star, like the Christmas one followed by the Shepherds and Wise men, leading to Jesus.


Br. Peter Carroll Provincial

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