2015-10-30 GENERAL HOUSE

November ? December 2015

Nov. 01 – 03: chapter of Cruz del Sur Province in Buenos Aires: Víctor Preciado and Eugène Kabanguka
Nov. 02 – 13: the commission for the revision of the constitutions at the general house: Josep Maria Soteras
Nov. 03 – 06: international council of economic affairs in Johannesburg, South Africa: Libardo Garzón, Mario Meuti
Nov. 03 – 10: retreat for Brothers and laity in Veranópolis, Brazil: Javier Espinosa
Nov. 04 – Dec. 11: visit to Sul-Amazônia province, Brazil: Víctor Preciado
Nov. 05 – 10: encounter of superiors of East Central Africa province in Mwanza, Tanzania: Ernesto Sánchez and Antonio Ramalho
Nov. 09 – 10: visit to the Marist communities of India: Joe McKee and Michael De Waas
Nov. 15 – 17: ordinary general assembly of OIEC in Roma: Miguel Ángel Espinosa, João Carlos do Prado
Nov. 15 – 18: chapter of México Central province: Emili Turú and Josep Maria Soteras
Nov. 16 – 19: encounter with the community of Notre Dame de l’Hermitage, France: Javier Espinosa
Nov. 18 – 21: world congress for Catholic education: João Carlos do Prado, Miguel Ángel Espinosa
Nov. 22 – 27: preparatory commission of the general chapter at the general house: Joe McKee, Eugène Kabanguka, Pau Fornells
Nov. 23 – 25: assembly of representatives of the Marist Conference of Spain in Madrid, Spain: Ernesto Sánchez
Nov. 24: regular general council
Nov. 24 – 26: formation team for directors of Africa in South Africa: João Carlos do Prado and Miguel Ángel Espinosa
Nov. 24 – 27: encounter of the formation team for the international communities for a new beginning at the general house: Jeff Crowe, Angel Medina
Nov. 25 – 27: assembly of the Union of Superiors General in Rome: Emili Turú
Nov. 27 – 30: African Commission of Mission in South Africa:
Nov. 30 – Dec. 2: committee meeting of the planning and development of the international communities for a new beginning at the general house: Joe McKee, Chris Wills, Libardo Garzón, Tony Leon, Jeff Crowe, Ángel Medina

Dec. 01 – 10: “New Era” programme for leaders of the Pacific district in Sri Lanka: Michael De Waas
Dec. 02 – 06: assembly of the Brasil Centro-Norte province: Josep Maria Soteras
Dec. 05 – 08: assembly of the Mediterránea province in Guardamar, Spain: Ernesto Sánchez, Javier Espinosa, João Carlos do Prado, Mario Meuti
Dec. 07 – 11: chapter of the Brasil Sul-Amazônia province in Veranópolis: Emili Turú and Víctor Preciado
Dec. 07 – 11: chapter of the Brasil Centro-Norte province: Joe McKee, Josep Maria Soteras
Dec. 12 – 16: Asian Mission Assembly in Negombo, Sri Lanka: Michael De Waas, João Carlos do Prado, Chris Wills
Dec. 12 – 18: retreat of the Sul-Amazônia province in Veranópolis, Brazil: Josep Maria Soteras and Víctor Preciado
Dec. 16 – 22: retreat with the Brothers of the Paraguay district: Hipólito Pérez
Dec. 21: regular general council
Dec. 21 – 24: chapter of the México Ocidental province in Guadalajara: Víctor Preciado
Dec. 26 – 30: chapter of the Ibérica province in Lardero, Spain: Ernesto Sánchez
Dec. 27 – 30: chapter of the Compostela province: Joe McKee
Dec. 27 – 31: chapter of the East Central Africa in Nairobi, Kenya: Emili Turú and Antonio Ramalho
Dec. 27 – Jan. 02: retreat with the Brothers of the México Central province: Hipólito Pérez


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