2015-11-20 GENERAL HOUSE

Number 400

The general house press office created Marist News (NM) on 20 May 2008, Marcellin Champagnat’s birth anniversary, to replace both “Latest News,” aimed at Brothers, and “Marist Bulletin,” aimed at lay people. NM is sent via email to around 5,000 subscribers in the Institute’s four languages. It is also printed and distributed to people without internet access in many places where there is Marist presence.

Marist News is a window through which the different shades of Marist life passes through our professional reporting. It aims to help spread the charism and create unity. 

Having reached the 400th edition, we are taking the opportunity to offer a more elegant and sober version with renewed graphics. The newsletter will now have six pages and give ample space to images and sections with news in brief.

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