2022-12-01 AUSTRALIA

Our Lady Inspires the Star of the Sea Province

After the presentation of the logo of the Star of the Sea Province, which will be inaugurated on December 8, an image that will help inspire its mission was also presented. It is an icon called “Mary, Star of the Sea”, designed by Ursula Betka, from Melbourne. Mary, Star of the Sea, tenderly holding her Son and presenting Him to the nations of the Province over which she casts her luminousness.

The icon itself is intended to offer a loving, heavenly gaze to the viewer. Look carefully at the Icon of ‘Mary, Star of the Sea’. What do you see?  In technical terms, the faithful don’t look at an icon, they “read” it.

Icons serve as bridges to Christ, as links with Mary and the saints, as reminders of pivotal events in our faith journey.  It is prayer to just look attentively at an icon and let God speak. The profound beauty of an icon is gentle. It does not force its way. It asks for time spent before it in stillness…. gazing.

“We are invited to enter into the icon and come closer to the Holy One portrayed”, says Br. Peter Carrol, future provincial of Star of the Sea province.


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