2021-12-13 FRANCE

Our Lady of the Hermitage

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centre d’Accueil Notre-Dame de l’Hermitage has had to deal with the containment measures imposed by the health authorities on several occasions, starting on 17 March 2020. Nevertheless, the community and the people who work on the site have put their energy into allowing the reception activities to resume.

A new candidate was hired on 1 October this year: Ms Virginie Chomette (on the right in the photo), reception coordinator. She supports Ms Caroline Martin, who has been in post since August 2017 and who becomes the director of the Welcome Centre.

The presence of Caroline and Virginie allows us to renew our welcome of groups and individuals, to open our space to other clienteles, to relaunch the return of all our Marist friends from abroad after this difficult period. It also allows us to create links with official tourism organisations and associations. Finally, it allows our house to make new proposals for training.

We thank Caroline and Virginie for their presence at the Hermitage so that the spirit of welcome and openness proper to this place is preserved.


F. Maurice Berquet – Director of the house and the community


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