2023-02-14 GENERAL HOUSE

Prayer for peace and for those who suffer

On Tuesday, February 14, the General Administration and FMSI have invited the entire Institute to participate in a small moment of prayer for peace and for those who suffer in the world (wars, natural disasters, violence, migration…).

In many parts of the Marist Institute, Marists of Champagnat are taking concrete actions that put those who suffer most in our world today at the centre of our mission. This initiative wanted to join them all.

This small grain of sand has been framed in the meeting, in Rome, of the General Council together with the Secretariats and Departments of the General Administration. It was an initiative designed for the whole Marist Institute (brothers, laity, children and young people), via zoom and live on YouTube. In the morning the prayer was conducted in English and in the afternoon in Spanish, with translations into the other languages.

A special moment was the participation, from Aleppo, of Br. Georges Sabe, who has accompanied, together with the Blue Marists, the suffering Syrian people throughout these years of war and is now at the side of the victims of the earthquake. Br. Georges sent a message in the form of a prayer.

Youtube – live | In Spanish

Br. Georges’ prayer

Lord Jesus, again I wake up in the morning, my eyes are turned towards your people, our people, a forsaken people, a lost people, a people who don’t know where to go.

Why, Lord, why the war, why the poverty, why is nature angry, why the war, why the poverty, why is nature angry?

Lord, I have no words to tell you what I am feeling. You know much better what I live inside me. Give me your heart, Lord, to open mine a little more.

Mary, you have taught me to go in haste to the neediest. I am on the street, running, seeking to bring a little warmth, a little strength and above all, above all, a little love.

Lord, help me. I know that many in this world are looking towards my people, towards my land. Thank you for their solidarity.

Lord, today, the human being within each one of us is giving life. Do you remember, Lord, one day, a certain Bartimaeus ran to you? You invited him to come. With my friend Bartimaeus I repeat Lord. I want to run to You and through You to every person.

I have no more words, Lord. My heart is silent. You alone know what I am going through.



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