2019-09-16 MEXICO

Promotion of the fame of sanctity of the ex.Superior General of the Institute

In the Office of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara, Jal. (Mexico) on September 11, 2019, Feast of the Maternity of Mary, at 13 hours, was celebrated the closing session of the supplementary  Diocesan process of the Cause of Brother Basilio Rueda Guzman.  The act was presided over by the Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara Francisco Robles Ortega together with the members of the Tribunal, and presented by Brother José Flores García, Vice Postulator of the Cause.  At the beginning of the session, the Cardinal invoked the light of the Holy Spirit by a fervent prayer.

In his interventions the Promoter of Justice said that he had nothing to point out or object against the process, the president of the tribunal and the delegate of the Cardinal declared as integral and authentic both the original as well as the transcription and the public copy and they ordered that the two last documents be handed over to the bearer to take them to Rome and hand them over to the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints.  Brother Miguel Angel Santos Provincial of the Western Mexican Province, named Mrs.  Liliana Columna Torres Vásquez, Notary of the Tribunal in charge to take the documents to Rome. She accepted this charge and made the oath to fulfil faithfully this charge entrusted to her  

Once the Cardinal received the oath of the bearer, he and the Episcopal Delegate ordered that the acts of this session, signed and sealed by them and by the Promoter of Justice, be included in the original records, and the transcription and the public copy which are going to be handed in Rome and that the Notary recognizes the authenticity of the signatures and seals.       

They ordered as well, that the original process, closed and sealed, is diligently kept in the Archives of the Archdiocesan Curia, which is not to be opened without the permission of the Archbishop and that the transcription and public copy of the same, closed, sealed and signed by the Notary on the exterior part, hands them over, with the envelope of the legal letters and the instrument of the closing, to the assigned bearer.  After all this was done the Cardinal, the Episcopal Delegate, the Promotor of Justice and the assigned bearer signed the minutes of this closing session.  With all these juridical formalities, the Diocesan phase of the Cause of Brother Basilio Rueda Guzmán is ready to take the next step to the Roman phase.       

In this solemn closing act of the work of the tribunal of the supplementary diocesan process of the Cause of Brother Basilio Rueda, was present, representing the Marist Institute, Brother Antonio Martínez Estaún, General Postulator, Brother José Flores García, Vice Postulator of the Cause, Brother Luis Jorge Flores Acevedo, ex General Postulator and a representation of the Provincial Councils of the Provinces of Central Mexico and Western Mexico with their respective Brothers Provincial José Sánchez Bravo and Miguel Angel Santos.   

In addition, present in this act were the Sister and the nieces of Brother Basilio and Mons. Oscar Sánchez Barba, brother of our Brother Superior General, who has been a great support with his advice during the diocesan process.


The Archdiocese of Guadalajara, Jalisco – Mexico, decidedly urges in this way, the promotion of the fame of sanctity incarnated by Brother Basilio Rueda Guzmán, eminent son of this land who comes to join the legion of martyrs in this area or extension of Jalisco who gave witness of their faith by the shedding of their blood.   Let us praise the Lord for the fecundity of the Christian life in these Christian communities, which live under the protection of our Lady of Guadalupe.


Br. Antonio Martínez Estaún, Postulator general.


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