2012-05-11 BRAZIL

Province of Brazil Centro-Sul

The Marist Solidarity Network of the Province of Brazil Centro-Sul organised a two day workshop (13-14 April) in Curitiba on the Rights of the Child and Adolescent in the Brazilian state of Paraná. Its purpose was to discuss the implementation of a state-wide system of monitoring the situation of infants and youngsters.

On the day before the gathering, the Marist Solidarity Network launched a publication Fontes sobre a Infância: Diagnóstico de fontes de informação sobre a criança e o adolescente, a work enabling youth workers to access documentation and information of all kinds dealing with children and young people. The preparation of the source book was done in collaboration with the Marist Centre for the Defence of the Child and with the support of the Institute HSBC Solidariedade. Much of the discussion was centred on the contents of the wok.

The aim of creating a monitoring system is to produce an annual report on the situation of the Child and the Adolescent in Paraná, with a view to identifying strategies to ensure that laws and public policies are implemented. The proposal makes use of Kids Count, a monitoring network based on data developed in Canada, the USA, Mexico and Paraguay with the support of the Annie Casey Foundation and REDIM, a Mexican network for the rights of the child.  

In promoting the workshop, the Marist Solidarity Network is mobilising civil society and contributing to the formation of those responsible for guaranteeing the system of rights. It also empowers them to carry out their roles in society such as challenging authorities with decision-making powers.

The publication is available in a Portuguese version at www.solmarista.org.br


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