2023-07-31 COLOMBIA

Provincial Assembly of Norandina

About 80 brothers from the 3 countries that make up the Norandina Province (Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia) met from July 1 to 9 to participate in the provincial assembly, and later in the annual spiritual retreat. Present at the assembly were Br. Ernesto Sánchez Barba, Superior General, and Br. Joao Carlos Do Prado, General Councillor.

During the first days, held at Casa Villa Marianella (Chinauta – Cundinamarca), Colombia, the brothers had moments of reflection and formation that helped them to strengthen co-responsibility with “provincial journey” and the Institute, as a global family.

Likewise, the brothers shared their experiences with the Superior General, and spoke about the different realities and challenges present in the Marist mission places.

After the assembly, on July 5, the brothers held the Annual Spiritual Retreat, guided by Br. Juan Carlos Bolaños Viscarra, from the America Central Province, who oriented his talks around the Marist Communities that care for and welcome life: “Caring for life is a personal commitment where we must recognize the gifts that God has given us, among them the vocation, knowing how to share it in community, with the ability to listen and welcome the brother,” highlighted Br. Juan Carlos.

At the conclusion of the retreat, the Eucharist of the jubilee brothers was celebrated, and they were honoured by remembering the most significant moments of their lives and their Marist journey. As part of the celebration, the jubilee brothers offered a rose to the Good Mother, in thanksgiving for being a guide in the vocation to religious life. The jubilee brothers were:

  • Abdón Alvear Benavides – 70 years 
  • Saturnino González Bajo – 60 years 
  • Diego Antón Campo – 50 years
  • Antonio Pérez Valdeón – 50 years 
  • Leonardo Yepes Núñez – 25 years 
  • Carlos Saúl Corzo Uribe – 25 years 
  • Robinson Moná Moncada – 25 years

The celebration of the Eucharist, during the days of the retreat, was presided over by Fr. Manuel Lalangui from Ecuador.


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