2021-02-16 GUATEMALA

Provincial Meeting of Community Animators of the Province of Central America

The Community Animators of the Province of América Central met online from February 5 to 7 to discuss the theme of leadership and community building.

The meeting was led by a team of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. Br. Hipólito Pérez Gómez, Provincial of Central America, was present.

The objectives of the meeting were: to evaluate the work carried out in the different areas where each one of them exercises leadership; to learn how to reposition our expectations; to favor interactions and to build trust.

The meeting was enriched by the participation of three community animators from the Province of México Occidental:  Hugo Rivera, Luis Enrique Rodríguez, Melesio Tizcareño, and three brothers from the Province of Norandina: José Miguel Caballero, Juan Pablo Marín, José Manuel Burnes.

At the conclusion, the meeting was marked by family spirit and transparency – each of the participants committed themselves to continue helping to build communities.


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